Local Businesses support each other
80% of the economy is dominated by multinational corporations, and another 10% by large national chains. Locally-businesses aren’t so much competing with each other, but rather for a larger percentage of the overall market.

    A local barter network like Rocky Mountain Barter:

  • Increases sales for its member businesses
  • Provides Lending (credit)…. an alternative to banks that lend to businesses at high interest rates
  • Promotes local businesses

From the moment you join, our hard-working staff will look for new opportunities for you to increase your sales by selling to other local businesses. We will accomplish this by keeping in contact with you and help you identify any unused products or services that you want to sell — e.g. empty seats at a restaurant, or times when work is slow. Tell us, what you would like to spend your trade dollars on. e.g., advertising, accounting services, auto repair, health & beauty, janitorial/residential cleaning, jewelry, printing, travel or entertainment (sporting event, amusement park or dining out). By using your unused capacity, you can improve your personal quality of life and the bottom line of your business.

Most people think of barter as trading one good for another. For example, “I will paint your house if you will build me a website.” This approach has obvious problems–if I am a painter, how would I ever find someone who needs their house painted and who happens to be a website builder?
Rocky Mountain Barter makes this more practical through the use of a “Barter Currency”.

Members of the exchange buy and sell from each other using Barter Currency without using cash. The Barter dollars are deposited online in a barter account. In this way, RMB generates new sales through its barter network for their members and in turn those members can use their new found barter dollars to make purchases that can help expand their company and/or offset current cash expenses, freeing up precious cash-flow.

Membership Pricing
Membership is a one-time $295 application fee. A monthly subscription fee is charged of $15 ($10 cash & $5 trade). As a member, you will be able to list your goods and services in the directory used by all other members. You will be given access to trade with local members as well as 1,000’s of additional members who are part of the global trade alliance of which Rocky Mountain Barter is a key partner.

You will get monthly accounting of all barter sales and purchases. Our staff will also begin working on your behalf to sell your excess inventory or services to other members of the exchange. When you buy from other members through the exchange, you will be able to use trade dollars you have already earned, or use your line of credit. To support our staff and help with office expenses a 6 % cash brokerage fee will be charged for all member sales and purchases.